The Remodeling Process

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The Remodeling Process

A remodeling project can be overwhelming, but the finished product will make it all worth it. RE Construction aims to make the remodeling process as simple and efficient as possible.
Working through each step of the remodeling process can help you determine if you are ready to have your home ‘under construction for a period of time, is the project within your budget, and is the timing right to have the project done?

Remodel projects are usually done in phases, you can expect:

  • Estimate, Planning & Budget. Starting your remodeling project with a realistic budget will save you time, money, and disappointment.
  • Design & Materials Selections: Making your color, fixture, and all materials selections.
  • Demolition & Installation: Removing the old and replacing it with new.
  • Final Review & Sign-off: Finishing touches, getting those final details completed and approving the work.

When considering a home remodel project, take these notes into account:

  • Be prepared to take some time away from work.
  • Think realistically about your needs and wants. Consider resale value.
  • Fantasy wish lists can be expensive. Appliances are expensive.
  • You will need a lot of patience. Major renovations are not completed quickly.
  • Don’t focus on perfection until everything is finished.